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Bigcow by A.J. Axline
published in Volume 1, Issue 1 on January 15th, 1994

tawny sinewy beast of the field
your mottled hide taunts and beguiles
hoof me and hoof me and hoof me and hoof me
your hooves speak beauty tattooed on my flesh

one stomach is not enough for you
not two or three, no, you saucy cow
you use all four to turn your grass
into rump and thigh and chartreuse tongue

what you must think of us; we butchers
who you see through dark, soulful orbs
we who are drawn to your macabre mystique
as hate and awe war in our fat bellies

you dance in the moonlight as you sleep
your bovine dreams drum sensual rhythms
as you sway...trapped in the blacklands
of tenebrous illusion and sensitive existence                   

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