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Yes Kai, yes Margaret, yes, yes, yes by Colin Morton
published in Volume 1, Issue 1 on January 15th, 1994

Through our work in Canada      I know you'll be as generous as  
   the small two-member immigration panel      even a minor
accident could kill      a minute to send your tax creditable
donation       steadily losing their ability to neutralize     
the world seems deaf to        your support will allow us to
intensify our efforts      although public opinion polls show
that 95% of Canadians      are managed mainly at the local level 
    stop and think about this:  the people of the area     
understand why the mindless destruction of this     change for
the better you would      above all, pick up the phone, make the
government realize      as long as we continue to permit      the
refugees      that promise for the future.  For a world without  
   legislation, President Bush has said that      62% of all loon
chicks      specially trained in nonviolent tactics      this is
a nuclear alert!      as Canadians know all too well, Alberta is
not      a generous, tax-deductible donation.  I promise you that 
    legitimate, threatened refugees      though frightening and
shocking to even contemplate      Polka Dot Door and C'est
Chouette        generals, admirals, and politicians throughout
the world      woefully out of step with       the feeling of
being part of something valuable      and when we raise the alarm
over      polluters of our water, our air, and our land     
providing nuclear technology to countries      calling itself a
peacemaker      and we're convinced that      so much of Canada
and Canada's tradition      put on public display for their
wanton disregard of      every cent we have      to affect
significant changes in      white beluga whales      you and I
both want to see       the unsteady ship of state      is
imposing what amounts to      nine long, awful days to reach     
other Canadians who want our government      decimated as we have
grasped more and more of      an urgent situation  I hope you
will respond      before we made the decision to turn to you for
help, we      passed acid rain controls      to make them more
accurate, faster, and more lethal      in some cases it could be
a death penalty      to believe compassionate Canadians will help 
 toxic wastes - silent, pervasive, deadly      filled with
more than a hundred pages of interesting text      but for it to
succeed      against those who produce and dump      nuclear-
capable attack-oriented       Americans, because      we sail our
boats - or hike, or drive, or scuba dive      it's a grim
situation.  But, with your help      the general public rose up
and      the government suddenly      signed the nuclear weapons 
    Please send      half a million compassionate fellow human
beings      haphazard, thoughtless and wasteful      support for 
    our opposition to      colour, sex, ethnic origin, language,
or religion      working extremely hard.  They aren't asking for 
    important contributions to the      pride in our work and
confidence in      the base of a red pine soaring 12 stories
above you, and      please send      torture, lengthy and
arbitrary imprisonment, and murder       with your generous
support      quiet, persistent sound of life as it has been lived 
    since Europe, the United States, and even Antarctica      on
Christmas Eve      three large smelters in Ontario and     
torture and detention without trial      is tax-deductible     
and I must seize the moment and make sure      through the window
of the postage-free business-reply      tax receipt for the full
amount of your    older sister      haunting call of the loon    
 through hard work and resourceful money stretching     
immediately helping those innocent people who      timely and informative
work on     our new one dollar coin.

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