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Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 2 by Matt Mason
published in Volume 1, Issue 2 on March 15, 1994

Well, you're currently looking at the miraculous issue 2 of The Morpo Review. I say "miraculous," first of all, because it's a nifty word that I haven't had so many opportunities to use since I left Catholic school. But I mainly use it because I'm surprised to see this magazine revived from the coma it lapsed into a few years back.

Way back in those quiet, pastoral days when I wore more plaid and lived in Omaha, Matt, Bob, and I planned out the original Morpo Review as a tangible, formed-from-atoms, recyclable, useful-to-dry-your-hands-on type of magazine with far fewer run-on sentences in the editor's notes sections. For this, we advertised far and wee for submissions.

A few poems and stories trickled in, and then Bossie fell ill and, well, I tear up and start wistfully humming Def Lepard power-ballads at this point in the story so I don't feel I can go on. Suffice it to say, that issue never saw a single photocopy and I had to skip town once the sun went down.

So please enjoy this second issue. We here at TMR are oh-so-happy to bring it to you in its current cheap, low-calorie, and environmentally tingly form. And we hope you'll agree that it's more fun than a bucket of nematoads.

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