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Questions on Art James and others by Andrea Krackow
published in Volume 1, Issue 2 on March 15, 1994

how do you hide secrets?  this is one:
	i am in love with a man who will not
	leave my tongue

i taste him everywhere:
	       on side walks, in cigarette butts,
               at 3 am. sweat meetings, in my hairbrush
               (i pig-walk everywhere, James-stuffed)
i am too young
to be so fat
of lust

he dug our heart down the grave weeks ago, but
i ate him in the Supermarket tuesday-past;
	his bare belly cradled in my legs,
		his hot breath breathing down my lungs,
Frozen Foods never felt so warm.
	Haagan Daaz drizzled in steam,   E V E R Y W H E R E
i am too young

and what if a taste like that
	a man like that
won't come to lie on my tongue,
	again, like that?

i will be bone ugly of no fat, and
i am too young to be too old
and self-address Valentines   anorexic & alone,
or to feed a stranger, that i do not love,
the skin of my home.
but i love myself and i 

	do not, DO NOT want to bare love made alone

so here i am
about to play Hearts and Nerves 

with a raw body i do not want
and what if i will want?
and what if i will love?
and what if this raw body comes to be the taste
of another grave, everywhere, and
	i am too young
		to be tasting all these men 

			on my tongue 

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