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Pederast by Bryan Thomas
published in Volume 1, Issue 3 on May 17, 1994

Winnow it down
to a terse
tense diatribe
just so, you fail
you've not even elucidated
your loathing
and you're back-to-front in the lifestream
and you're anxious to turn around
because it makes more sense to expect
than to regret
but your urge to totally debase yourself,
in front of as many people as possible, to purge and rebuild
stands in the doorway
You find that you must have one stick with you
up your ass let it 
pass through you'd go
through less if it was just you the whole way and none of this
you're trying on postures and poses and hats and they don't fit
and you know it but its your personal cross to bear
you still masquerade there's a big 
psychological rationalization potential word there
tweeze it out
"Yeah, it's my inner child, man. Fucks me up, hardcore."
pederast to the last

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