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Second Impression by Dror Abend-David
published in Volume 1, Issue 3 on May 17, 1994

Not as much as to have left a furious letter behind
I didn't even pretend not to care
or that I wouldn't be willing to preach Holocaust to Sabbath school kids
wherever I was going
or that I knew where it was

Only that I will never have to wear that canvas uniform in a hundred degrees
never be owned by a higher ranked sadist
never sent on jog in the heat with a pint of stale water
never again assist in the oppression of individuals
for the general good of a people who would not like to hear my opinion about it

so I didn't tell them.
Now, behind an ice glazed window in a frozen bottom university out there
I have my wish
I study eventlessness,
holocaust-lessness, bone-breaking-less-ness,
not even my bones by town people who think I'm a Martian

So well did I step out of my world
into the limbo of post recession
my neighbor fast asleep, his wife one month pregnant
I like pancake for breakfast
but no ketchup
I ask him
how can you have no health insurance
he says that he has study loans

are so great.
lectures and students repeat in fast jargon
future minds and experienced philosophers re-read verbally with the use of
 new methods
young scholars and established residents of academia reiterate in professional
margined thinkers and members of the establishment rephrase in unique language
differently trained and degree earned mental writers say differently

I embark on conventions
how further into the snow was I buried at the MLA
it was Christmas in Toronto,
Paris translated, London at a Cafe`
this being arranged by the business people of a word procession

I could well afford to sit belly emptied at THE ROYAL YORK
 and read The New Yorker:  "Mrs. Lethwes had no feelings for the idea
 [of adoption];
... Their own particular children were the children she wanted,
an expression of their love"
Mr. Shiltz had no feelings for the idea of AIDS
Mr. Fauel had no feelings for the idea of free trade
Mr. Mobavitz had no feelings for the idea of penis slashing
Ms. Hardings had no feelings for the idea of losing out at the Olympics
So my wife has no feeling for the next snow storm
nor I for my toothache
putting off my check up for two years
now it will cost

A nice touch of reality under my crowns
don't I wish it for those convention people
giving lectures of white domination
in ten inches,
research papers of
Walt Disney's policies of employment
Now criticized by  tenureship junkies
Gay and lesbian - we hate bisexuals - studies,
saying "they cause AIDS" -
as if blaming the Japanese
will help produce better cars.
the Russians - better winters
the British - snobbier schools
the Israelis - lousier wars
the Deficiency Syndrome is a part of our lives now

a thousand times better than that stale uniform, them canvas water,
that one hundred degrees Holocaust that you may not protest

for I may have no feelings for the idea of reality
Now, I can delay
and put it
for a while.

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