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Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 4 by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

It has been a rather busy four months since the last time I wrote one of these columns. Let's see if I can list off just a few of the things that have happened since May: I finished my first year of graduate school, I was an usher in a wedding for the first time, I got married on July 1st, I visited Colorado and the Rocky Mountains for the first time, I interviewed for my first real job and bought my first real suit, I began teaching an introduction to programming class. No wonder I'm always tired!

I'd like to take a moment if I may to wax reminiscent about the honeymoon that my wife Kris and I took to Colorado. When we first started thinking about where we should go for our honeymoon, we both thought we'd like to see New England. So, we had grand plans to pack up the car and drive East for a few days, maybe visit Prince Edward Island and the home of Anne (you know, of Green Gables fame) and then drive West for a few more days and end up back home.

Well, after some thought, the idea of driving West and up and down the Pacific coastline (and visiting Matt, the other editor of TMR) sounded really fun, since neither of us had really visited the Western United States before. So instead of driving many days round-trip East and back, we decided to travel even more days round-trip West and back.

Then the financial realities of what we were planning on doing sank in and we decided that we really probably shouldn't even leave Nebraska. This was a depressing thought, not because Nebraska isn't a beautiful state but because we already know that Nebraska is a beautiful state. No need exploring what both of us already were familiar with.

Kris then suggested that we go out to Colorado for a few days. One day travel there, one day travel back. Minimal driving (comparatively) and beautiful country were her arguments. I was skeptical and against the idea at first--see, I'd never been to Colorado, and she'd already been three or four times with her parents. What would be the fun for her? But economy of time and money won out and we did go and stay in Estes Park, Colorado for four days.

The first day we went hiking, it snowed. It snowed in July, one of the warmest months here in the United States. July 7th, to be exact. I've never seen snow in July before, and since I love snow, it confirmed that I loved Colorado and the mountains and everything else there was that nature had to offer. I didn't even mind the hiking that much (but don't tell that to Kris -- I complained a whole bunch the second day out just for complaining's sake).

But what was really wonderful while we spent four of our honeymoon days there in Estes Park (besides, of course, spending time with my wife) was that the natural beauty of nature and the happiness of celebrating our marriage brought me around to writing again. It had been far too long since I'd put pencil to paper and written poetry. But, sitting there one night, the silhouettes of mountains canvassing the purple-black sky, I put pencil to paper and wrote. It was a wonderful feeling and reminded me again why I love writing and reading, and why other people do, too.

So, it is with a rediscovery of my own love for writing and reading that we bring you this issue of The Morpo Review. You'll notice that this issue is rather large compared to our previous issues. This is due to the fact that we've had four months to amass good works, and amass we have. We have three stories in this issue (But For the Grace of God by Brett A. Thomas, Pool Night by Leland Ray and The Strawberry Blond by Edward J. Austin) as well as our first piece of non-fiction that we've published in TMR, The Judge by Doctress Neutopia.

Let us not forget that we also publish poetry! This issue finds us chock full of works from John Adam Kaune, of the Sand River Journal, with shard, monet's old studio is a gift shop and Custer is not here. We also have some fine first appearances in TMR by Benjamin Parzybok (What Gets Me) and Dave Zappala (What lengths must my children go to rebel when I'm 50). The rest of the work is also top-notch, and we certainly hope you enjoy it, also.

So, hopefully we won't go four months again between issues, mainly because there's too much stuff to talk about and I keep getting tired because of it. Enjoy the issue, and we'll see you again ...

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