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words find by Edgar Sommer
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

words find
they risk the company of idiots

words find and curl into her sleep
curl up to sleep

a home
ridgetop brainland for looking down
words find
trespass the fingertips
crisscross the countryside


drops on paperscape
tell sex and crime
they roam 
and words find

strife givers
little bonny pad 
bonny in may
the grass fields
bonny's snowmilkwhiteness
they find
and alight on soft spots

color the mind fancifold
bound to the ceiling glueflexfully, -but.
bound to the earth 
any earth she is to be

words find
and they roam
cornerfixed and arcbound 
and flatsome by coarse
there's tricks 
stuttertracks in the sand towards moonrise

words find
they risk the company of idiots

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