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Elinor Rigby by Karen Alkalay-Gut
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

   It was while she was sorting the laundry on Sunday morning
  that she noted that all of her panties were gone.
  There was nothing frilly about them, no sexy codes
  they adhered to - simple black cotton bikinis.  No reason
  for anyone to want to add them to some amazing collection.
  Still they were not there.  Not a pair remained. And where 
  could they have vanished.  The man who came to dinner last night 
  left early, clicking his heels at the door.  
  Had he visited the bathroom, rummaged through
  the hamper, stuffed his pockets with underwear?
   This is what we have come to, she said to the first drawer
  of her cupboard - propriety at dinner/
  true passion alone in our beds - both for me
  and my guest.

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