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What Gets Me by Benjamin Parzybok
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

The bungi parade
slathers the sky
with lavering trites.
And creeps of luck
philibuster floozies
who bow and pay homage
to polite punctuation
adorned with beer speckles.

I've got Ukulele poisoning
and a Token Ocean--
and I prance through the town square
in my shark fin underwear
selling history
for five bucks an era
while a teaspoon of Barking pus
follows at my heels.
It's the par cool.
It's the new wave.
Don't be a fool--stay hip, 
park your soda and unzip.

What gets me is--
Barking pure blue and 
billowing lines to the sky.
Singing bow ties, 
dancing green eyes and 
law firms in bondage
force fed french fries.
Cucumbers that calculate 
the angles of innocence
and Broccoli that sells
the past for clever lies.

But See, it's none of the above.
It's the self-strangled love.
Or the regret
of a midnight egret
circled in yellow yarn
and not a sock to darn.
What gets me is the soft cry
that awakens demon hunger
and the obscure moan
that drives meaning asunder.

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