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Wednesday Afternoon by Lori Kline
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

I give you a silent proposition.
If I taste your
sweetness, your thighs
scented in dark fertile earth
brushed with loam,
your balls (which contain a sliding world)
your cockwarm brightness,
Will you taste my

You. Are utterly oblivious.
Sliding pawns across smooth board.
The dark points of lash &
blue-jean colored eyes
I would like to kiss,
when you are contemplating casually,
a rook's suicide,
my body swells and leans
to you.
somehow, my nipples have deviously devised
a path...
can nipples think?  WE ARE AWARE!
announcing themselves oh
Chiefly because your nipples taste
of ripe peaches between my teeth.
Surprise me.
Touch gleaming gold in my core.
Sheen of silver against your
Easily, eagerly
give me the contemplation of your eyes-
I am willing to be caught in your game.

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