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Custer is not here by John Adam Kaune
published in Volume 1, Issue 4 on September 15th, 1994

I stand in a crowd - listening
to interpreters tell us of the loss -
all around us is Lament.

old men circle the guide
telling him of their great-
uncle   twice removed.

Custer is not here.
he's laying low at West Point.
the irony escapes them -
WWII & Vietnam vets
can claim a part of this sacred soil -
to tell the passing public
of their want for proximity to the mass grave
once removed.  Atop the hill

where the ants scurry to and fro
with Panasonic camcorders.
"take a still picture," I think, "for this
in no time will move."  your memory of it
hangs dry in your mind.  I myself,
I'm just a wandering Canadian
who happens to study the history
of this anomaly known as America.
so they tell me "they worship him
'cause he lost big time."  led his men
to death.  screwed up.  don't know why.

that hangs heavy in my ears 
as I pass through two-dimensional towns
of the Cheyenne reserve lands
to the forest named after this in/famous man.
It has long since burnt, as did the fields
of Little Bighorn -  to show the remains.
To show    the remains.

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