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Editor's Notes : Incommunicado by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 1, Issue 5 on November 20th, 1994

Welcome to the fifth issue of The Morpo Review. This issue finds our staff one Editor short, with Matt being in Europe from the beginning of September through the end of October.

To offset our deficit of editors, we have taken on two additional staff members to help us out in times of need. Both of them are Guest Editors for this issue, but beginning with our next issue, they will be full-fledged Assistant Editors for TMR. Let me briefly introduce them to you, and then I'll take my bow and let one of them dazzle you with his prolific prose as our guest columnist for this issue.

First, meet Kris Kalil Fulkerson. No, it's not just some incredible coincidence that she has the same last name that I do -- she's my wife. Kris is pursuing her Master's degree in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and as such, we feel she's qualified to help us make editorial decisions about the content and direction of TMR. She's had one poem published in TMR, and writes in her spare time. She also plays a fine game of Pente and can whip up some mighty tasty biscuits.

Next, let me introduce you to J.D. Rummel. J.D. graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha quite some time ago (when he had hair, we're assuming) with a degree in English. While he was there, he participated in their Writer's Workshop and continues to write today. He's had two stories published in TMR and a few have also been published in Creighton University's literary magazine, Shadows.

With these two fine additions to our staff, we hope to continue to bring you a high-quality literary magazine via the electronic byways.

Enjoy the issue.

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