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Green Poem by Dror Abend-David
published in Volume 1, Issue 5 on November 20th, 1994

In the very cold winter of ninety three they even recycled the homeless
throwing them out of the subway they picked their sparse bodies at dawn
garbage trucks spilled gray carcasses across the frozen lots their
houses of paper were torn and then turned to brown paper notebooks so
popular this fall   whatever money was found was collected as taxes
unpaid   old clothed were packed neatly and sent to the needy in Burundi
and Rwanda   and flesh, I assume, was cremated and used in the spring
as it fertilized the parks   ear lobes were cut off and sent out to places
like El Salvador   used glasses were turned into glass gold fillings into
gold   hair to hair skin to skin nails to artificial nails   The subway
was later a pleasure to ride as advertisements made clear   that a clean
world is a better world   and even the streets, through the spring, were
very pleasant and unthreatening   the ragged and diseased that were seen
here and there were the few who survived and the recently poor that await
the next storm.

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