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Incident at Stapleton Airport by Leonard S. Edgerly
published in Volume 1, Issue 5 on November 20th, 1994

on the steps of a Hertz shuttle van
a young man fell

I was close enough to offer
my hand before I realized

his fall was a spasm
and then spittle a confusion

of muscles his artificial leg
twisted off in his pants

all this happened so fast
that Bud the shuttle driver

had no time to prepare
a corporate response

the medics came and a nurse
who calmly turned the man's face

to one side then waited
for the seizure to subside

Bud's supervisor arrived
and praised Bud for staying cool

and took notes for an Incident Report
while the man himself sat

in a wheelchair curbside
blinking his blue eyes

as if he were waking up
from a long nap in the wrong place

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