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Untitled by Christopher Hepburn
published in Volume 1, Issue 5 on November 20th, 1994

it's ok
to watch two men
of differing sizes
small, medium, large
 and extra

extra large men
beat the  livin'

shit out of

each other
for extra large sums

of money
but it's not ok
to watch two

people fuck
why not have professional sex
different classes for penis size
  holyfield vs. bowe
for the heavyweight penis
title of the world
would it still go ten rounds?
with a judge to decide the winner
 "well I just thought holyfield

put more oomph into it on rounds

7 and 8"
and for amateur fuckers
an event in the Olympics
"and the gold medal
for welter penis goes to
Caesar Jaurez"
who when interviewed would only say
"gracias a dios, gracias a dios"
his father when interviewed would say
"I knew he was gonna be a fucker
since he was a baby
you could see it in his eyes"

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