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The Bridal Shower by Kelly Ann Malone
published in Volume 10, Issue 1 on June 1st, 2003

As I wrote the name of the gift-giver on the back of a paper plate
I couldn't help but think what a silly mistake
No amount of tulle or pink lipstick can make this work
Desire is an attractive but misleading motivation

The bride-to-be is savoring her interim glory
At her peak and never thinner, with an impressive tan
Envious ladies offer gifts and praise
A white confection with blush roses graces the table

Undignified games produced intelligible banter
How many items on the tray? Don't cross your legs!
Cold-cuts and veggie platters along with a spinach dip
The round thin mints in pastel colors tease the weight conscious guests
"John and Jill forever" printed out on delicate white napkins
She assumes if it's in writing, it will work

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