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The Dark by jj goss
published in Volume 10, Issue 1 on June 1st, 2003

last night I ran out of white
the kind in dark bottles
and too soon I was dreaming
of the glass stem cool and smooth
as words overheard in the hallway yesterday afternoon
dreaming of wine
and a lazy slipping off
of my skin and words that slide out without stumbling
over clenched teeth
over other people's voices droning through movies
I've watched a hundred times before
dreaming of the woman in the upstairs bedroom
screaming at night until my ceiling cracks
in a strangely familiar pattern her words
creep in between my sheets in between the dreams
I have of dreaming her face reflected in my mirror
in the mirror and in the mirror again
my face kept in clear uncolored glass so I can keep an eye on
the level of emptiness
so I can tell how much is left inside

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