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The god Ganesha* walked into a bar... by Marie Kazalia
published in Volume 10, Issue 2 on September 21st, 2003

lifted his elephant body
up onto the stool beside me
his thick trunk flopped
(into my life) into my lap
I stroked the live thing
rubbed as we talked about
deep and powerful thoughts
I can not now
tell you what they were exactly
but his energy entered
me and would cause changes to occur
he told me--and I said that's OK
change is a good thing
even tho I'm not so young
anymore    I'm still eager
to learn    and besides
nothing will change
that should stay as it
already is--

*what I know about the god Ganesh, as he is called in North India and Ganesha as he is called in South India, where they tend to add the letter *a* to the ends of names and words: In the anciently written Mahabarata--(Maha means great and barat(a) the ancient name for the land we now call India--so that Mahabarata means The Great Story of India)--Ganesha is the elephant-headed storyteller that relates many epic tales of gods, goddesses, kings and princesses etc. --In recent years, in South India, the god Ganesha commonly appears in colorfully painted 3 dimensional form, with both an elephant head and elephant body, placed at the entrances to smaller newer temples. Some people in South India told me that it is only thru Ganesha that one can gain access to all the other gods. After reading this poem a woman named Jean, recently returned from India, said in Delhi, figures of Ganesh are displayed in all the shops as the god of prosperity. Diane di Prima pointed out that Ganesh was the son of the god Shiva, who'd cut off his head and replaced it with the head of an elephant, that Ganesh is the god of over-coming obstacles, and the lord of truth-telling but also the lord of making-it-all-up. In Indian shops you see post card images of Ganesh holding a pen and writing, which indicates he is the patron god of writers, and because of this Diane said she has a small figure of Ganesh on her desk at home--- yet...I.....know....the god Ganesha walked into the bar, lifted his elephant body up onto the stool beside mine ---his thick trunk flopped into my lap --I stroked and rubbed as we talked, sharing deep and powerful thoughts I can't describe exactly, but his energy entered me--causing changes to occur ....and I said change is good and besides nothing has changed that should stay as it was...

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