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Untitled by Apryl Fox
published in Volume 10, Issue 2 on September 21st, 2003

My heart beats fast inside my chest like a drum.
There is little or no recollection of the day at hand.

The Senior Citizens were supposed to have an
outing--as in, they were going to enjoy where they

were being taken--but plans were changed when
the pet ferret, Bubbles, escaped from his cage.

The old people were delighted! They urged it on,
calling and cheering and stamping their feet

and having a grand old time, and all the while,
the Head Nurse, a woman named Delila, was standing

in the doorway looking like a peeved mother
whose child would not listen to her calls.

I did nothing; just stood and stared and watched
the ferret race around the room, until at last,

it collapsed at old man Harley's feet,
and he picked it up and cradled it in his arms
as if it were a newborn son.

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