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What To Do When You Hurt by Ace Boggess
published in Volume 10, Issue 3 on December 31st, 2003

[for Jennifer Hall]

You could be silent, sit alone,
lotus-like on floor at every loud party &,
rather than dance
eyes closed atop body
slipping in pendular strokes,
you could look around,
look within,
wonder about miracles
of men & women awakening
into an embrace.

You could be a mystery,
allow your burning-pillar
hair to hide the corners
of your lips, a bandit's mask--
Is she smiling, aching,
serious, insincere?

In thoughts you
could circle back,
begin again.

You could see yourself
from inside yourself &
say of yourself
what Neruda said
of himself from "Inside":
I'm a little professor;
I give classes in light to the earth.

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