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In the Garden by JK Terhardt
published in Volume 12, Issue 1 on November 12th, 2006

And the word came from the mouth of the serpent. He made his way across the soft, moist, green grass that tickled his delicate underbelly. He neared the two warm bodies that lay languidly under the apple tree knowing now was the time to strike and carry out the orders his Lord had entrusted to him, and him alone.

He had tried this before, when Ish, or Adam as his new love called him, had had his first mate. How strange a pair the two made when first created. Nothing like them had existed in the Garden ever before, or ever since.

He remembered that once they had shared a body. Lilith looked out from the back of Adam's head. They were separate and yet one. It'd been cumbersome for them, occupying the same space, unable to touch and interact. God had finally been forced to set them apart. But Adam was unhappy by the separation for Lilith believed herself equal to him in every way. Adam had tried to subject her to his will, but not even when they coupled would she give in, preferring to be astride him rather then below. Why would she not be compliant, as it was with the other animals, and lay as she was made to?

The ego of Ish would not permit such behavior. But what he would not, or perhaps could not understand, was what Lilith was, his deeper self, his shadow. He did not except her place beside him, he still thought her behind him. Though she shared in his ignorance for she believed the same of him.

She had been unable to cope with the abuse that they both hurdled at one another. One fine day Lilith called upon the magical name of God and he swept her up into the skies and away from Ish. The generator of all the cosmos had been the only thing that could ever physically liberate the two selves, as he had done twice now. It had yet to be seen what effect, if any, this would cause in the world.

Ish had become immediately discontent and he called upon God once again begging for his mate. Rather that he have his woman back even with the fighting, than be alone. So God sent his angels to get her back from the Red Sea where she hid in a cave. But she would not come back for she was more complacent to lie with the demons that dwelled there than Adam.

Forlorn the man cried out for a mate and God was, of course, obliged to procure another for his creation. While Adam slept God removed one of his ribs to bring Ishah, or Eve, to life. He did not want Adam to witness her creation from blood and bone. The image may have caused him repulsion despite her beauty in the end. He was also afraid that Adam might suspect that she was, in the end essentially, another Lilith. Though, because she was fashioned of Adam's rib she had not just a piece of him in her, but close ties to his heart and soul. She would be his protector, a shield, and a source of strength, a new shadow that would bend more easily to his will.

And that had been fine with the serpent for it made his job all the more easy. He had tried to tempt Lilith, for fun than, but she had easily refuted his efforts and Adam, who had no imagination, had followed her lead. They were too interested in each other and their constant battles for anything else. Their discord was at least entertaining for all.

But now that Eve had come paradise was complete. She was indeed a wonderful match for Adam, kind and loving, submissive and yet noble. She let him have his way so that she could, in the end, have hers. They spent their time relaxing and watching the clouds drift by in utter harmony.

The snake slithered ever closer, hope beating in his cold heart. He had a task, and he must not fail his master, who had employed him after realizing his mischievous nature. If he could only reach Eve first there might be a chance.

Adam awoke from his sweet slumber. He blinked and yawned rubbing sleep from his blue eyes. He saw the snake but gave him nothing more than a cursory glance. He than reached over and awoke his Eve. He jostled her softly until she had finally opened her eyes. She appeared unhappy to have been disturbed, but rose nethertheless.

Adam clambered to his strong and sturdy feet stretching his large muscled arms out and upwards, and shook his shaggy brown head. He wanted to move about, perhaps eat. Eve was still groggy and wished to rest a bit longer. Crest fallen, but compliant because she had meet his needs so willingly just a short while ago, Adam leaned down and kissed her lips softly. He would gather them some cherries but he would not be far off.

This was the moment the serpent had been waiting so patiently for. He moved in and spoke to Ishah gently, winding his sensual body over her legs and belly, delighting her with his cool skin.

"Why has thy Lord denied thee?" he began.

"He denies me nothing," she answered softly running her fingertips down his back. He shivered with delight.

"But He does. He does not want you to have the knowledge and power He has, so he denies you the apples of this tree."

"Why have I need of knowledge when my Lord does guide me so well?"

"You could be as God."

"I could never, not even with all that this tree does bear."

The snake cajoled and teased, he insulted and sneered at her, but she would not be swayed by him. She appeared deaf. But when the wind stirred the braches gently above her head, and an apple fell to the ground beside her leg, she did not hesitate to pick it up. She studied its smooth and prefect surface, holding it close to her face so she could smell it, her lips parted, breath escaping in soft gasps as the serpent worked his way between her breast, over her taunt, pink nipples and around her neck.

He moved out, balancing on her shoulders so he could look into her eyes. He realized that his words had not made her act so foolishly and hold the temptation so close to her. This was something she had wanted to do on her own for a very long time. She had been enticed by her own wandering musings.

For Eve had felt something, in the very pit of her being, something Adam knew not, but perhaps she had. It was a need, or something like it, something she had not been able to define, to comprehend yet. But it made no sense for all she longed or wished for was provided for by her God or Adam. She was made content. Still, there was a blackness, a void, a.

"Boredom," the serpent said and it seemed a radiant light pulsed from his mouth.

It had a name and Eve understood it. She bit into the apple. The void grew into a chasm without end. Into it tumbled emotions and knowledge that she had never known before existed. Eve felt more than she had ever before and a smile crossed her lips.

The sky grew dark and Adam turned towards his mate knowing something must be amiss. He saw the apple in her hand and he knew. The word came from above. Booming, sonic, indescribable. Eve was not just to be banished from the Gardens but made to suffer. Great would her pains be but it mattered not to her for she would no longer have that boredom festering inside of her, tainting and taunting her.

Adam, though angered, decided to follow Eve. It was his choice. He could not bear to be without her.

They left and made their way into the world.

The snake made his way back through the Garden when the light of his Lord shone warmly down upon him in grateful thanks for his accomplishment. It had been the God of Adam, the God of all light and darkness that had sent him forth on his mission, for, like Eve, He had wanted more than the show playing before him

He had sent his serpent out to cause the fall. It had been his word that the serpent spoke and now things were sure to be much more interesting.

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