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Sermon at Denny's by Michael Meyerhofer
published in Volume 12, Issue 1 on November 12th, 2006

In Denny's tonight, a goateed Baptist
minister rattles off his daily struggles against
the Devil and an unruly congregation,
routinely interrupting his well-dressed wife
and his mother who nod along and say amen,
secretly eyeing their platters of hashbrowns
and sunny-side eggs, chilling to hardness.

Meanwhile, across the way at our table,
I am sitting with other young professors and
a woman with whom I live in sin, reading
college term papers on marijuana use
and the dangers of jingoist politics, pausing
occasionally to swap favorite passages
that grossly misquote the Dhammapada.

Later over Spanish guitars, a bottle
of crisp wine and this beautiful woman,
I will fulfill our unspoken vow to make love
in front of an open window, the curtains
blowing wildly as we grind our bodies.
sometimes whisper ing Christ, I love you
as an ancient trapdoor swings beneath us.

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