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Mt. Video by Suzanne Nielsen
published in Volume 12, Issue 1 on November 12th, 2006

She sits across from me
resting her arms on the wobbly café table
lifting limbs at most obscure times
causing my decaf to leave trails
on the formica top.

I follow a stream as it exists to the wooden floor
seeps in the grains forming the head of
Judith Guest, no, someone who looks like her
only without a nose and an Adam's apple
could be Uruguay.

She tells me she's just returned from there
I knew I wasn't that creative to think of that
all on my own, transfer image into Uruguay
but where did Judith Guest come from?
I don't think of myself as extraordinary
nor ordinary

but that's besides the point. She's sitting
across from me, eyes full of monsoons
swimming right through me
going under.

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