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Right to Life by Patti Marschock
published in Volume 12, Issue 1 on November 12th, 2006

These are my hopscotching little ones who
grow exponentially, ten to the ninth.
They double and double again. I see them with
their arms spread wide, buoyant in warm streams,
building their homes along canyon walls and on mounds
of soft red clay. Some are sleeping and some dance in the dark,
Dreaming of valleys, rich and fertile, that lie in wait for their arrival.
Intent on this process of finding new soil,
they don't listen to the carefully thought out reasons
why they should slow down.....stay put.
In the shudder of cold wind, they are sheltered and cling
to one another, concentrating their efforts, and produce more,
better, stronger children. Stubborn in the cause, they carry themselves
to distant lands, following paths not made for their restless feet.
They love the places they find, they settle and make more babies,
feed them with the motherland's blood and sugar.
These are mine.
The scars on my left chest, just above my heart.

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