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Hips and Cheese by Andrea Krackow
published in Volume 2, Issue 1 on January 20th, 1995

Sister makes me cheese sandwiches
with the plastic wrap
left on the cheese.
This is the year
mom goes to buy peaches
and never comes back.

Our kid years evaporate inside a radiator cap
off a tireprint in Kentucky --
for an introduction
to a man called
Dad    in a Baltimore bowling

This is the year
summer is hot soup, and
Sister wraps our blankets
in the freezer.  She has the wide 

forehead of Grandpa.
Mom would tease

She's 14 years old, hates that I
sneak into her bed.  She burns the
spaghetti, ties my hair with her

She can't know she'll be pretty:
scraggle-fuzz, just ribs;
that in two years
Mom's heart 

will sweat from inside

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