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Dear Saturday by d. edward deifer
published in Volume 2, Issue 2 on April 3rd, 1995

        These weeks so many now 
        Counting back from this frosty corner 
        Shut in snow-drifts of winter's windows
        My time slowly falls through autumn
        Content to be alone with you, Saturday
        Your photo-album returns again 

        Together we stood 
        In the shallows of Little Lehigh River  
        Those yellow wafts of light 
        Bouncing from our heads through trees 
        Wearing a comfortable sweatshirt
        Careening over the tall grasses and weeds  
        Brown dungarees stained with earth 
        Our memories fade, though, my favorite one
        Boondockers, with sturdy thick soles 
        Brings me back to where I started 
        Dad's old army hat shadowing my eyes 

        On pebbles between banks 
        I contemplated my soul
        Caught in mid-stride with a walking-stick 
        A sling-shot and a pocket-knife
        (all captured in a photograph) 
        It was a day of sunshine
        When I first found peace 
        Panhandling springs of perpetual gold
        I Danced on that river 

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