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Third Grade by d. edward deifer
published in Volume 2, Issue 2 on April 3rd, 1995

Berenger's went out of business
We skipped school and bought eclairs there
My brother and I weren't allowed to eat in the school cafeteria
We would walk home for sandwiches dunked in tomato soup
It was a big deal when they built the cafeteria
In the basement of Washington School 

Clay beat Frazier that year
Paul Kozman ripped out Dwight Shantz's ear
The fight spilled out into recess
Mr. Fatula broke up the fight
Principal Parks came to each classroom to calm everyone
And inquire about the missing ear
I kept a straight face and looked through my desk
When he asked me about the ear
'I don't have Dwight Shantz's ear' is all I said
Principal Parks talked to Mr. Fatula outside the door and left
Lucky he didn't ask my brother Rich cause Itchy would never lie

Gates' corner store is closed though the big window is still there 
Covered with curtains
My brother and I  use to buy candy there before school
Mr. Gates wouldn't let us buy anything anymore
He just let us come in cause we were friends with his son, David.
We use to listen to Dave's sister's Simon & Garfunkel records 
Up in his room
It was a big deal when she got the Beatles
Itchy showed me a five dollar bill that year
He bought a box of Topp's Baseball Cards 
And he got me a box of Whacky Package Cards

After school we went to the woods above the scrap metal yard
With Doni Kipler and Scott Nonnemaker
To open up all the cards
I traded half my box of cards for Scott's birthday present
A new Timex watch
Doni was showing Itchy the best rocks to turn
For salamanders and nightcrawlers 
All for a look at a moldy pierogi with dried ketchup
We filled our pockets with em and went home
While I counted seconds from my wrist

Mrs. Nonnemaker called our parents
'I traded for it fair and square' is all I said
Came down to the five dollar bill
Turns out Mom musta lost it in Itchy's path
I didn't say a word, just looked at my brother
Mom took my Timex watch
Dad beat the salamanders outta our pockets
I caught one on the way to our room
Without supper
And put it in the pickle jar with Dwight Shantz's ear

Yoccos' is still there
We use to spend silver dollars we found 
In the basement 
Playing pinballs and eating Yocco dogs 
Just me and my brother
We stopped hangin with troublemakers
We didn't want to go to Catholic School

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