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< homesick for the lost continent > by Ray Heinrich
published in Volume 2, Issue 3 on May 21, 1995

	there's an answer 
	on my machine today
	in between all those messages
	some of them from my father
	from each stop on his trip
	some of them from you

	i remember sitting 
	across the table from you 
	you looking at me
	and each of us 
	so homesick 
	for the lost continent

	i'm waiting 
	for that lost continent
	to come back from the ocean
	i'm waiting for the water to drain
	from its caves
	i'm waiting for the moss 
	to take hold again
	and for the seabirds to come

	i am homesick 
	for the lost continent
	i am staring at you staring at me

	in the space of time 
	the earth regains a tree
	i have regained you
	but we both still sit
	and when we stare 
	at each other
	we are still homesick 
	for the lost continent

	we have become
	and our time is slowed
	and trees can be 
	like fountains 
	coming from the earth
	and the seasons 
	come fast enough
	to produce 
	the sensation of motion

	we are waiting
	the parts of us are waiting
	for the next salesman 
	coming to our door 
	selling the promise of rebirth
	making us homesick again
	for the lost continent 

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