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Baton Rouge During the Gulf War by John Landry
published in Volume 2, Issue 3 on May 21, 1995

On my bicycle crossing LSU
ponytail bouncing off my backpack
Faggot  Dopplers from a pickup truck
one driver, one passenger
between them a child.

Before the capitol Huey Long had built
and was shot down in
crowds of flags are waving
T-shirts rank with ragheads
and camel jockeys  insensitive as 
briar back home under snow.

Staties were called for controlling the crowd
for protecting flag and capitol
not the small contingent of folks against the war
So many insults so many threats
against like-skinned like-capped people
living in the same sorry state.

I ride my usual trail atop the levee
along the quiet lip of Mississippi
and there the threesome stand
the child yells there's that guy!
the driver hushes him     
I stare the three 
straight through the eyes
and see the river swirling
Eve'nin'  is all I offer them
with thick down Maine Yankee accent
bow and pedal on to the bridge base
and return right past them one last time
watching the Southern sun go down again.

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