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Editor's Notes : Brief Encounter by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 2, Issue 4 on July 27, 1995

I'd like to take a brief moment to discuss eSCENE, the new anthology of the Internet's best on-line fiction, and then I'd like to turn the reigns over to my wife for her first column in Morpo.

Earlier this year, Jeff Carlson decided that he would put together an anthology of the best fiction published online during 1994. He asked the staff members at literary magazines from around the globe to submit what they believed to be the best fiction that they published last year. It was an odd feeling, choosing and submitting works from your own magazine for consideration in a "best of" magazine. Now I know how all of the authors who submit works to us feel when they confirm sending email to

The Morpo Review had two stories chosen to be include in eSCENE, in which only nine stories from three magazines were chosen. Congratulations to David Pellerin, who wrote Why They Run, and Leland Ray, who wrote Pool Night, for having their stories selected and reprinted in eSCENE. Congratulations and thanks also go to Jeff Carlson for a highly successful first year publishing venture. You can read eSCENE on the World Wide Web at, and it should be availble in ASCII, Postscript and Adobe PDF formats soon.

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