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Houses by Tara Calishain
published in Volume 2, Issue 4 on July 27, 1995

I started by loving the windows, moved to shutters
opened the wide eyebeams of longing and wrote love songs to mortar
palm against brick, hips to wall
translated the message of digested stone through chest and belly
being sweet with the framework, a statue with back to the road --
with no voice to you I called to your house
bribing the gardens and listening endlessly
the weary gossip of the surrounding flowers and
you became the heretic beyond the dark
beyond the shade, beyond intent
another framework I hoped would contain me
wander through opaque fires and go unpunished.
But I am too slim for you to choose
there is not enough to me and I'm sorry
but the green grass over and under testifies, and tastes sweet --
I love you with all my intensity, and your house loves me.

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