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Girl at the Prow of the Ferry by Helen Crombet-Beolens
published in Volume 2, Issue 4 on July 27, 1995

          Holding your baby-doll
          dress so as not
          to expose
          your skin,
          you stand at the prow
          of the ferry,
          knowing you are observed.
          There is about you
          a self-conscious posing
          as you stand and stare
          at the scene before you--
          balancing the beauty
          against discomfort.
          I would not choose
          to stand so long,
          though I understand
          why you do.
          The scene almost demands
          this sacrifice of privacy
          as a declaration
          of fidelity.
          The winds whip around
          and across you, teasing
          your dress as your hand
          uncomfortably holds
          the skirt in place--
          all the while
          trying desperately
          to appear casual
          as you do it.
          What right have we,
          the observers of observers,
          to allow such painful
          consciousness to mar the view?

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