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Balloon People by Arthur Shotmind
published in Volume 2, Issue 4 on July 27, 1995

Their heads are filled with helium.
That's why they float 
Above the rest of us
With their feet dangling.

They are the balloon people.
Hummingbirds are their enemies.
They call their fathers Dad,
Never Pop.

They fight a lot,
But, unless they're cornered,
They never fight dirty
Or blow things 
Out of proportion.

Sometimes, though,
They seem to enjoy
Making derogatory remarks
About solid-headed folk.

They are not good dancers,
But their songs are among
The merriest on earth.
They giggle and blush
If you talk to them 
About freedom.

Last week one of them
Forgot to stay outdoors.
Now he's stuck at the top
Of my cathedral ceiling.

You can't simply climb a step ladder
And pull the guy down.
He'll just bite and kick and scratch
And mutter nasty things about your sister.
But eventually he'll just shrivel up
And fall to the floor.

That happened once before
And I came home one afternoon 
And found the dog
Playing with the poor devil's
Little paisley bow tie.

I yelled at the dog
And accused him of killing
The little balloon man.
The dog just stared at me and growled
In a silly, high-pitched voice.

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