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Editor's Notes : A Synopsis of the Story So Far by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 2, Issue 5 on November 8th, 1995

First off, I'd like to apologize for the extreme lateness of this issue. Many things (which I won't list in gory detail) have prevented the issue from being published on it's proposed date. In fact, we're almost two months overdue with this issue. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Rather than rush the issue out the door, we wanted to make sure everything was just right.

Now, to move on to things changed. Since last I wrote a real column, over 5 months ago, many things have happened, both in my personal life and in the world of Morpo.

Personally, I left the corporate business world as a programmer for Tandem Telecom and took a position at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a full-time instructor of computer science. It's not that I didn't like my job at Tandem, but rather it was more a feeling like I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. After so many years in college (six with an almost-masters degree), I grew accustomed to the whole environment. I thrive on interaction with people, and sitting quietly in my cubicle at Tandem wasn't feeding that hunger. Now I interact with people every day (well, every Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and absolutely love it.

I was also promoted to the position of Vice President of Novia Internetworking, an Internet Service Provider in Omaha, Nebraska. Between teaching full-time and vice-presidenting 3/4 time, life is, to say the least, rather hectic.

Morpo-wise, we've added two new major features to our World Wide Web site. First, we've added real-time audio samples of some of the pieces in this issue being read by the author. Currently, Janan Platt can be heard reading two of her poems, Woman -- A Terza Rima and Nostalgia, and Richard Todd can be heard reading his two poems, One Tongues and Tuki Mila Pahi. Currently, only users of Windows or Windows 95 can hear these samples, as we're using the TrueSpeech audio technology. There should be a Macintosh and a Unix player soon. We'll also be adding Real Audio support by the next issue.

This is very exciting, as I think that while the literature should speak for itself, it always casts a new and different light on the work when I hear the author read it. Matt Mason, the Poetry Editor for Morpo, has written hundreds of poems which I've read on-line and had my own interpretation of running around in my head. It wasn't until the summer of 1994 that I got to hear him read some of his own poetry, which was a truly wonderful experience, as there were subtle nuances I never noticed before. In the future, I hope we can do more here at Morpo with the spoken-word aspect of the works we publish. We'll also be looking at integrating some multimedia presentations into future publications, including re-printing a video file presentation of one of our previously published poems.

Additionally, with this issue, we'd like to announce the grand opening of the Morpo Review CyberCafe, a World Wide Web-based conferencing application. We searched high and low for a Web-based "chat" program and finally found one we liked for its simplicity and elegance. Now, after reading Morpo online, stop by the CyberCafe and chat with other literature lovers in one of three rooms: General Discussion, Fiction Discussion or Poetry Discussion. In the future, we'll be hosting live conferences with some of your favorite Morpo authors. You can visit the CyberCafe at

So, there's a five-month synopsis of what's been going on. Though it sounds unlikely, look for the next issue of Morpo to hit the virtual stands around December 1st.

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