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One Tongues by Richard Todd
published in Volume 2, Issue 5 on November 8th, 1995

Listen to Richard Todd read his poem, One Tongues

my language is strange
to this place I know in my heart
let me then my friend
use your tongue

fat and fluttering
on flutes of rivers and wind
moaning in grass
wailing like night to stars

it wraps around thunder
bends to strike its drums
bellows spring
in flood and rumble of hooves

let me speak vowels
to dust and consonants to ice
take name to be spirit
holy as breath

so that spirit speaks spirit
and nameless live in words
and we touch together
edge of the sacred

touch together
unspeakable light
touch together
and feel the same touching

so we may talk
in common tongue
sacred earth holy sky
and the hoop that joins them

joins us
One Tongues
speaking together

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