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Tuki Mila Pahi by Richard Todd
published in Volume 2, Issue 5 on November 8th, 1995

Listen to Richard Todd read his poem, Tuki Mila Pahi.

we gather shellfish
edges of knives
cracked to scrappers
of flesh and hair

whetted like teeth
to cut water
beneath our hands
to peel skin

we gather shellfish
rooting muck
with bare feet
touching the dark

flat curves
foot to fleshy foot
and string mother
of pearl in pendants

we gather shellfish
the old way
between fast
and slow rivers

in warm water
deep with hair
thick as milk
we grope mud

and gather shellfish
blades to pry
lock and twist
binding muscle

to scrape clean
the end of flesh
and dress bones
in new skins

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