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The Sun Climbed Down by Christiaan Stange
published in Volume 3, Issue 3 on July 8th, 1996

the sun climbed down out of the sky today
thick banned books beneath its match-stick arms
dread in its atomic heart
jokes in its eyes...

and you were skating across the Mediterranean sea
you were munching on Turkish delight
you were learning the language of dogs and chickens
you were a dancing bear working the streets of Sofia
you were giggling in German
you were dreaming of marrying an idiot prince
you were disassembling a Christian mind
you were being tender to men of war
you were Greek ferries steaming across my body

maybe you were drunk on well-water
your giant lashes beating the air
your thick hair filling the room
with the drawl of retarded children
controlling the path
to heaven

even today

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