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Editor's Notes : Volume 4, Issue 2 by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 4, Issue 2 on November 10th, 1997

Greetings, and welcome to another issue of The Morpo Review. I'm going to make this brief and then step aside for J.D. Rummel's column.

The last 18 months have been a long, difficult ride for Morpo. We've only produced two issues since July of 1996. Luckily, those two issues have been published on September 4th and November 10th of this year, which leads me (and hopefully you) to believe that we're getting back on our feet. Our goal is to publish two more issues this year to catch up with our incredible backlog of submissions, and then to get back on a bi-monthly publication schedule in 1998.

August of this year saw the departure of our long-time poetry editor, Matt Mason. Matt leant a definite flair to our poetry selections, and we already miss him. We wish him the best of luck in his further literary pursuits, wherever they may take him (which is probably on a cross-country trek in a small vehicle, packed to the gills with all the essentials and a pad of paper and a pencil to record all of the interesting sights along the way).

In the next issue, I'll fill you in on the newly reorganized Morpo staff, including our new submissions editor who should help things run much smoother. Until then ...

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