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Editor's Notes : A Look Back at 1997 (The Year That Almost Wasn't) and Ahead to 1998 (The Year That Most Certainly Shall Be) by Robert Fulkerson
published in Volume 4, Issue 3 on December 31st, 1997

It's been a trying twenty-four months for Morpo. We started off strong in 1996, riding high on recent accolades from the publishing and web communities, by publishing two issues in February to celebrate our second anniversary of publishing and kick our third year off right. Then we took a mini-vacation from publishing and came back with another strong issue in July.

Then we disappeared.

We didn't publish another issue for the balance of 1996.

Meanwhile, the submissions kept pouring in. All year long, like the valentines in a grade school kid's manilla envelope, submissions kept showing up. Where people were finding out about us, I'm not really sure. But find out about us, they did. And submit their work to us, they did. In droves.

The new year rolled around, and resolutions and promises were made within the staff to get our collective stuff in order and start publishing again. Editors went on a mad reading spree to catch us up for the last six months of 1996. Choices were made, and pieces were selected for the first issue of 1997, which was originally due out in March.

When March came and went, no new issue of Morpo had seen the pulse of electrons. Mainly due to poor internal organization and too many commitments, those responsible for putting together the issue and processing the subscription requests (mainly myself) dropped the ball and didn't pick it up or hand it off.

So a new target date of May was set. Schedules were rearranged, more commitments were made, and …

… May came and went, and again no new issue of Morpo.

If it hadn't already been, morale was poor.  The hopes that we would actually publish another issue begin to dwindle. The letters from folks inquiring about their submissions, as well as the letters inquiring about Morpo itself, began to trickle in.

Our poetry editor at the time left us in August to pursue other interests. Ironically, shortly after that, the Mythical March Issue finally made it to the web, and we were caught up with material.  Material through November of 1996, that is.

After that issue, we were facing a mountain of submissions spanning a period of nine months. We hunkered down and covered more than half of that material (through about May 1st, 1997).  The results of that work are seen here in this issue.

The remaining material for the balance of 1997 (May 1st through December 31st) are going to be evaluated for the first issue of 1998, which is scheduled for March 1st, 1998.  That issue will also mark our move to a quarterly publication, publishing on the first of March, June, September and December.

One of the reasons we've become so organized and have rededicated ourselves to Morpo is because of the addition of our Submissions Editor, Amy Krobot.  She's whipped up fancy brown organizers complete with calendars for each of us.  She brings with her an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm, which has infused J.D, Kris and myself with a new sense of what Morpo could be if we worked at it.  Not tainted with the low morale of 1996 and most of 1997, she's been a bright spot in the Morpo universe.  Welcome aboard, Amy!

With that, I leave you to the issue.  We have quite a bit of excellent poetry, as well as two fine stories within the digital pages of Morpo.   Enjoy.  We all look forward to seeing you again in 1998!

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