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Alone with You by Sean Woodward
published in Volume 4, Issue 3 on December 31st, 1997

What do you remember most ?
Saffron robes on a washing line ?
Fire-crackers gunning down the afternoon ?
Or the grandfather clock
At Buddha's feet,
Or the smile of the young monk
Putting away his black umbrella,
Taking off his shoes,
Inviting you within.
What were the smells
Of lobsters cooking on the street,
The sounds of a sixties rockband ?
What were the welding flashes
Lighting the night
By the railway lines
In makeshift metal homes?
The four lanes of non-stop traffic,
The smoke deep in your throat,
The necessities of commerce
Old men sewing on the streets
Young women
With near-dead Europeans.
Or was it the bartering
In the heart of Bangkok,
Filling carriers,
Drinking pop on the hot steps
At one in the morning,
Watching cockraoches crawling
Over a tourist's shoulder
And looking down the crack
Of every paving slab
As we walked back
To the hotel,
Mapping out tommorrow's
What do you remember  most ?
I remember only
The true belonging
Of being alone with you.

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