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visiting a class by Bruce Harris Bentzman
published in Volume 4, Issue 3 on December 31st, 1997

students are drawing a skeleton
it is possibly a young boy the teacher explains
and shows the class the points that distinguish male from female
i stand parallel behind it pushing fingers deep into my flesh
feeling for and easily finding the matching bones inside me
where does it come from i ask the teacher
she says they can be bought from any medical supply house
and believes many of them come from india
possibly because they have so many
closely examining the skeleton once a young boy
joints held together with brass spring ligaments
the fillings in his teeth a lost investment
he stands unashamed before the pretty art students
artists should have their bones thus mounted after death
serving art and teaching new generations of art students
without robbing cultures of their funerals
let them draw my bones when i am dead
a poet standing incredibly naked
before the attention of young women
cleaned and bolted together
suspended with better posture than ever in life
offering them that absurdly permanent smile

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