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Dyin' for Love by Jennifer J. Stewart
published in Volume 4, Issue 3 on December 31st, 1997

You think it's a foolish gesture,
Me buying this car?
A dying man (but he doesn't say this)
I got up this morning
Realized I don't need to save my money anymore
And I did something imprudent
She considers, all eighty eight years of wisdom
Coiled into one perfectly turned out small lady
Who wears fuschia like no one else
You can trust what she says
She's a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis
Albeit by marriage
It's in the blood
Like his disease
I would like to go for a ride, John
She wears a gauzy scarf over her hair and
Looks for all the world like Grace Kelly
If she'd lived to see osteoporosis
John could be an ascetic Cary Grant
They fly down Speedway and roar over Gates Pass
And the poppies are blooming their lives out
This is the way she'll remember him
This is what the garbagemen say:
That candyass red convertible
Sittin' in the driveway
Ain't goin' nowhere
That sexy car belong to a dyin' man

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