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Not Mountains by CK Tower
published in Volume 4, Issue 3 on December 31st, 1997

        "             There Leviathan
          Hugest of living creatures...
          And seems a moving land."         
              -Milton, Paradise Lost
I almost believe I'm at the bottom
of an unfamiliar ocean, surrounded 
by gray-black beasts, immense bodies rising 
and slicing through granite sky 
misremembered.  I imagine 
they move that way 
every time I'm forced to look away 
so I can breathe.  But they never 
move or never cease moving.  I don't know their language,
and they have no time to stop or stop 
standing still so I can't beg a moment.  
I came here
to capture the landscape, carry it home
in shapely  phrases, but instead I 
am the captive groping 
for eloquent expressions.  And all I can hear
is the whisper of a scream, as if sound 
were pressed back by water.

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