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Europe 96 by Brendan J. Robinson
published in Volume 5, Issue 1 on March 1st, 1998

I rose up from the underground on Picadilly Circus
to neon signs and the bustle of night.
All whores and tourists
We turned the corner and
marched down the naked streets of Soho:
hookers and Chinese restaurants,
homos in bars,
sketches, artisans, poor students,
all taken by the sins of night,
the gluttony, the food and beer,
sweaty girls stepping out for air.

Welcome to our wild nights
where we knew that we were living out
the connective tissue of our lives,
the stories and exaggerations
of the too soon past, present
    We met ugly girls who would later
    become beautiful. Vomited and spun on
    a soon clear and joyous night.
We're doing it all,
seeing those things only read about in books,
filing through the bedchambers of kings,
and standing in the rooms where our empires
were created and destroyed.

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