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William Gibson in Birmingham by Sean Woodward
published in Volume 5, Issue 1 on March 1st, 1998

The roadways are trying
To behave
As if untired cyber cowboys

Were hotwiring Ford Mavericks
Loaded with shiny
New hardware.

Even the wide open glass fronts
Of half-empty cafes
Were waiting

For some Bladerunner lovely
To shatter their facade.

And me,
I have a small stack of books

These 20th Century antiques
That the master


I can see the weeks of humility
In his gentle calligraphy

No laser pen, no geostationary download
Of chip encased personality maps,


Just a black biro.

And now I know
William Gibson in Birmingham
Its the same

As Count Zero`s brainscan

A tight knit plan of Tokyo

A man
harbouring secrets.

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