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Sons and Daughters by Lou Plummer
published in Volume 5, Issue 1 on March 1st, 1998

I will never be as old
               as he was when he was youngI will not have to
               dig a hole in the ground,
                      sleep there, in the rain,
                               after eating eggs out of a can
                                        with a plastic spoon
                                                While people try to kill me

No one understands a drowning man
             Except the drowned

Honor Thy Father
      Do not leave YOUR child
             small paragraphs in dusty books

        "This was my Father
         I never knew him
         And he lived 10 miles

Do not listen to silence
      Nor pass silence to your son
             Or teach him not to listen

For: John Plummer, Ben Chitty, Tony Murzyn, Lee Westbrook, and Bobby Dew (November 11, 1948-August 30, 1970)

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