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Lady by Richard Fein
published in Volume 5, Issue 2 on June 1st, 1998


look at that cattail reed, there, by the lake.
Its cylindrical tip tips sideways
and without underpinning its head
bobs and sways when blown by every crisscross current of wind.
It seems to bow
before another member of its species
which still stands tall and is seemingly faultless.
Our broken reed tries to reach its neighbor,
perhaps it will brush against it.
But the same wind which blows our crooked stick so close
also blows its faultless friend away,
so like swaying cilia
they touch only briefly at their tips.

my fingertips briefly brush your hair
but you bob and weave away so skillfully.
Lady, lady
I confess love
all you do is listen
so courteously.

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