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Again by Alan Kaufman
published in Volume 5, Issue 2 on June 1st, 1998

fell down
down the stairs
in a vodka black-out
black-out after punching
that russian russian
in the

over an argument
about dosdoyevsky
who he claimed beat
horses and i said
you asshole
that was
just an image in
one of his books

and ilya swung
past my
but i

what a stupid

pat drove him
to a clinic
with a red towel
crushed to
his face

i stayed behind
with the rusky's
old lady, vassa
who mounted me on
the sofa pouring vodka
down my throat laughing
'the victor gets the spoils'

which i got & it was good

then poured myself  down stairs
back hurt bad, tea cold and wallet
empty and now i'm waiting
for the break of my

but getting
only broken; how much must i
sit here remembering
to make
poem that  will matter
to you?

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