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My Power by Marie Kazalia
published in Volume 5, Issue 4 on December 1st, 1998

in 1972
I hitchhiked to St. Louis
towering curved concrete walls
wrapped around freeways
an American hot rod stopped
pulling up cantalevered
at an odd angle
on the concrete bank
door handle broken
I climbed in the passenger window
feet first
youngish middle-aged man
hunched up shoulders at the wheel
holding back
to come-off as normal
I kept the conversation
friendly and sweet as possible
he seemed frightened of my power
pulled up at some barren exit
to let me out---
I climbed back out the open window
he leaning over looking up with searching eyes
sniffed the seat beside him
leering sick vibes
but didn't show it---
I waved
and said, have a nice day

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